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Join us for our rescheduled webinar with Caroline Balfour on Friday, April 23rd from noon-1pm.

In this webinar series, “A Look at Revenue Cycle Career Paths” our Western Region Chapter has been interviewing individuals in the Revenue Cycle space who can give insight and advice concerning the different career avenues within the industry.

This is a great webinar for you to attend if you are a student, early careerist, or have an interest in exploring and learning about different careers within the Revenue Cycle space.

We are pleased to introduce Caroline Balfour as our fifth guest in this series.

Caroline “Cari” Balfour is the Vice President, Revenue Cycle Services at Huntington Hospital in Pasadena, California. 

Please click here to view previous sessions which have been recorded. 

AAHAM 2021 Virtual Legislative Day
June 22-24, 2021

The effect of COVID-19 continues to hit the healthcare sector hard. AAHAM members continue to be on the frontline fighting for their patients. Throughout 2020 and still today, Congress is still trying to understand the impacts of this virus across the healthcare system. We cannot expect them to know every issue or understand every issue that comes across their desk. This is why AAHAM’s virtual Legislative Day may be the most important meeting you attend this year on behalf of your hospital. Today we are dealing with a government that is doing business virtually. Its hard enough during “normal” times to get your message across to your elected leaders. Now factor in the disconnect of legislating virtually and you will understand just how important the AAHAM virtual Legislative Day is this year. This is an opportunity for us to connect with members of Congress and their staff and share with them the direct impacts COVID-19 has had on your hospital. It’s an opportunity for you to share with them exactly how the 2020 COVID relief healthcare provisions, while well intentioned, are going to have negative impacts on hospitals. It’s your opportunity to let your elected leaders know what your hospital needs. With even more competition for the time of our leaders because of the virtual world we live in, the more important it is for AAHAM to stand out. It is critical that our voice is heard. With so many special interests seeking relief, it is our opportunity to make sure our voice is heard and our hospitals have a seat at the table when it comes to deciding how to spend the future COVID relief packages. AAHAM is Needed Today More Than Ever AAHAM’s top priorities this year include Prior Authorization and Patient Financial Advocates. Prior Authorization: The current prior authorization process is nonstandardized, inefficient and has added billions of dollars in unnecessary costs to the healthcare system. AAHAM has been an industry leader in advocating for the reform of prior authorization standards. This year, help us educate members of Congress on the operational challenges and administrative burden placed on hospitals and providers due to the current prior authorization requirements in place with each of the various health plans. AAHAM has developed a position on prior authorizations that includes six key components we estimate would save the healthcare industry billions of dollars in inefficient waste and also would vastly improve access to timely care for our patients within our communities that we serve. AAHAM is working on drafting legislation we will offer to members of Congress to utilize as a model for prior authorizations. Patient Financial Advocates: Since the pandemic began, we have seen Patient Financial Advocates become enemy number one in Washington. Numerous bills that would severely limit the collection of a patient's portion of their healthcare costs have recently been introduced at the federal and state levels. Senator Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) has introduced S.255, The Disability Employment Incentive Act, which amongst other things, inhibits many medical debt collection activities for 18 months after the bill is passed. Last summer, AAHAM created the Patient Financial Advocate Task Force to promote all the good that our hospitals, healthcare providers and business partners are doing for patient's in understanding their healthcare patient due balances. Join us at our virtual legislative day event as an opportunity to stand together with a unified voice to let members of Congress know that we do care and want to assist our patients in understanding their medical patient due balances. Join us in advocating for our healthcare providers and business partners to continue to utilize the standards within the Patient Financial Advocate Pledge to help patients in navigating the complexities of their insurance benefits, healthcare terminology, and available assistance. Advocate with members of Congress on the important role Patient Financial Advocates play in our healthcare system and how patients need access to them more than ever today. Join us in educating Congress on how legislation like S. 255 will hurt patients, hospitals and healthcare providers.


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AAHAM certifications are recognized as a mark of excellence throughout the revenue cycle industry. Our leadership over the past 50 years puts us in a unique position to serve our members with the preeminent certification program in the field. AAHAM has a clearly structured certification ladder that gives you the tools you need to develop your career regardless of your current level of experience. In today’s challenging environment, the need to enhance your individual performance and elevate your professional standards has never been greater. Prove your commitment to the industry by registering for a certification exam today!

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A Look at Revenue Cycle Career Paths - Webinar
Friday, April 23, 2021
Join us for our rescheduled webinar with Caroline Balfour on Friday, April 23rd from noon-1pm. In this webinar series, “A Look at Revenue Cycle Career Paths” our Western Region Chapter... More Info
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